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The Easter Bunny came to my house. Woo Hoo…

We went to dinner at friends house. It was very relaxing. I had a great time. We had this ham that was so delicious, it was one that was already cut. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It was like it peeled off and was so delicious. Emmm Emmm. I took a cake. The cake actually turned out too, amazing huh??

Kyra was her perfectly behaved self. Here she is in the car as we are about to leave our house.

I sold a picture today of some credit cards on my stock photo site. I love when I sell a picture of something from everyday life, it gets me motivated to take some more pictures of things that people laugh at me for photographing. I truly like taking those kinds of photos though, it is sort of challenging and fun. The idea of seeing something normal at a whole new angle. I look a photos in magazine and think I can do that.

I have decided I am going to post more of my opinion on things in here. I can use this programs F8 feature on some of the news stuff that I read. I think adding some opinions will make it funner to read cause boy my life is really boring when written.

Well, that is it for now. Hope everyone had a happy happy EASTER. Bye.