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20071121_00105p We started the day with spa baths while eating popcorn.  I got Kyra a new outfit including a shirt that said “Daddy’s Angel”.  Oh, what a suck up I am.  He has been whining about her not having clothes lately.  It is true that her clothes is limited.  I am going to work on that this next week though.

We got all clean though and Adam came and got Kyra and Stan.  I am not exactly sure what they did.  I am pretty sure they went somewhere for lunch though and then Stan was brought back.

I went to Stephen’s family Thanksgiving.  It was very fun.  It was very comical too.  There was a tree that fell on the powerline across the street, so the power went out at 2 and didn’t come back on while we were there. 

His family is LOUD.  I thought Robin talked loud.  Honest, I did.  She couldn’t even be heard in this group.  It was really cool though because they were all laughing and just carrying on.  I was okay too because Stephen is very quiet, so I didn’t feel completely strange being my more quiet self.  There wasn’t anyone there that I hadn’t sort of met in passing before, so that was nice too.  I think I would know their names now though when prior I wouldn’t have.  It was sort of comical too because Stephen would sort of get an earful and be like lets go over here.  We sort of roamed toward the more quiet areas of the house. 

The food was really good.  There was this creamy vegetable thing that I think was my favorite and it was probably even very healthy.  The turkey was great too.  The whole watch football plan that I had in my mind prior to going sort of bombed with the no electric.  We played board games though and I realized how little I knew about Disney movies. I think I came in last and the only questions I got right were ones that Stephen knew…except one.  Here is that one:  Who taught Bambi how to ice skate?  The answer which I knew…woo hoo was Thumper.  Rabbits are great on ice. 

We left there a little after 6.  We went and watched the movie Lord of the Rings, which I hadn’t watched and thought would be just weird.  I did actually like it.  Even the freaky sort of characters weren’t as freaky as the package makes them look.  I like the Hobbit guys.  They were all so cute and nice.  It was like well over 10 when this got done and I went to bed. 

It was a good Thanksgiving.  I hope yours was too.