Select Page, so for us. We didn’t have the whole hustle and bustle of a holiday. Which was sort of nice. We have in the past almost always went to family, which is great if you have a conventional family. My family though love some of them dearly is not such.

I have no relationship with my parents, so dealing with that and my extended family is sort of awkward. I have no desire to revamp that relationship either. Everyone seems to think that a mother daughter not speaking is a bad thing, but in my case it is almost a good thing. It is so hard to live with exceptions that are so unreal, so it is easier to just stop and live your own life.

I have some great aunts and uncles though and really terrific cousins, which I do miss sometimes. I don’t consider myself exceptionally close though. It is probably wrong, but I blame my mom for that. She however is good at pretending to be the life of the party. She loves attention no matter if it is positive or negative. She would make a great celebrity, LOL…. My aunts and uncles all are sort of really close to each other except my mom and dad. They aren’t really close with my mom or dad and that sort of transfered to me. We almost always went to family stuff when I was growing up though, but my aunts are always doing stuff together even when it isn’t a holiday. We never did stuff with them unless it was eating at a holiday.

I guess I always felt sort of out of place and I am sort of shy beyond that and never want to impose, so I just sort of sit quietly. It always just seems awkward to me even being there. The awkwardness is really nobody’s fault, it is more my own faults or inhibitions or whatever and nothing to do with my family really.

I wish I were really that outward go with the flow, blah blah blah, talk to anyone type of person. I really wish that a lot. I am not though, I am reserved and sort of very shy even though some people don’t see that when they first meet me and even some after they know me awhile. I really try to appear outgoing, but rarely am I completely comfortable around a whole group of people.

Today was great though, Kyra and I got up and played for a few hours around the house. Then took a nap, the normal time for her. I slept too though for only about 15 minutes though, she slept an hour. We got up than and took showers. She played in bathtub for a really long time til she was shrivelling up. She was using a bowl and dumping water over her self and than laughing and then I was laughing. It was sort of funny.

We than went out to eat at Cracker Barrel. There was a lady at the table next to us that was really missing her family, so maybe Kyra made her day. Kyra at this point is about everything I am not. I hope she keeps this great little personality that she has. LOL… We played that table game though for what seemed like forever, we didn’t do the whole jump the golf tee, we just took them all out and than put them all back in over and over. Kyra has really good hand eye coordination though and gets it in the hole almost every time. She tries to put the top of the golf tee in the hole a few times though and was frustrated with why it wouldn’t go.

We than went to Walmart. We played around there with some of the toys and stuff, but didn’t buy anything. I was looking for the paper with all the ads for the sales tomorrow. Well, they were sold out. I guess I am just going to wing it with shopping tomorrow. I want to go to Circuit City first though and then I will probably hit Petsmart because it is right next door. I will go to Target, Old Navy, and Kohls than and that will be my morning. In the evening we are going to the mall to buy a dishwasher which will either come from Sears or Rex’s in the mall.

With that said…I am all excited. The redo of my kitchen starts next Wednesday. Here is the picture of the sample of the tile that will be in my kitchen floor. We are going with the gray slate. I figure it will go with anything and because it will be there for the rest of my life. It will match about any color of wall I would want. The current orange color though probably isn’t the best for it, but oh well. I like the colors…LOL…

We came home and watched TV and ate chips and salsa. That is where the picture above is from, so that is tonight right before bed eating chips and salsa.

Adam is working today. He said the traffic was crazy and that the service plazas were full of cars. He never sees the car section full. He has got to vamp up for December. The post office goes mad and the job he does starts going 7 days a week instead of 6, so he is working a few extra days this month. His company is cool though, they sent us a huge Thanksgiving ham and last year they gave us a $500 Christmas bonus. They sent out memos about Christmas bonus’s this year being based on job performance, so who knows how much it will be. Adam had only worked there like 2 months though last year and this year he has been there the full year. He has done this same job for over 2 years though, the contract just go bought by this company last year. His job is strange the way the contracts work. So any ways who knows how much the Christmas bonus will be…I hope it is good though to help finish the year off right. LOL…

Well, I am going to bed now. I have a hard day shopping ahead of me tomorrow. Night….