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Today was a hard day. Kyra has a sore side and everytime you touch her she screamed like she was dying. She didn’t nap very well, but did nap unlike yesterday. She now went to bed at about 8. I am all ready for bed myself.

I went to Bent and Dent today and they had lots of interesting things. They even had the specific brand of bread that Adam uses. I go there most times and only find milk off my list, but today I basically got my whole shopping list done. I went to a couple garage sales, but didn’t buy any thing. I would like to go to a couple tomorrow too. I hope Kyra is feeling better.

I didn’t take any pictures today, so this is a picture of my neighbors little flowers that I took the other day when Heather was here. We took pictures of everything that day, well over 100 pictures. LOL….

Well, that is all.