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Well, this was another exciting weekend gone by.  Friday night, Stephen and I went to the haunted house in town.  Yeah, that is correct Stephen and I.  It was really quite cool.  I wasn’t real scared, but all the details in the house were pretty great.  They put a lot of effort into it having some great cobwebs.

After the haunted house we went and got Kyra from her dad.

I ended up staying up really late. 

_DSC1145 Saturday, my grandmother, aunt, and 2 cousins came to visit.  Everyone says I look like my aunt Janice, I don’t agree but with this photo somehow I do see where they get it.  I never used to have a clue what people were talking about.

_DSC1139 _DSC1140 Kyra played with her cousins a little bit.

They didn’t stay very long.  It was a good visit though.

After they left we went to Tarin’s to discuss Stephen and I and to play with Hannah and Gage.  Stephen and I still weren’t back together…

I was at Tarin’s, Kyra was playing.  Tarin had to cook like a million pounds of stuffing (really she had 3 crates of stuffing) for a charity dinner event thing, so we were in her kitchen.  I laid on the floor talking to her and bam.  I fell asleep, goodness…. they let me sleep right there on the floor for 2 hours.  LOL…

I woke up well rested.  I went and chased and caught all her loose chickens. 

We left and went home.  Kyra was playing and I was on my computer nothing unusual. 

I wanted to go to Purse before winter came, so Stephen popped up online and I asked him about going to Purse with me.  Well, I had talked about it the night before.  Well, he was like lets go, so our adventure began at 8 or 9 pm from out of the blue.  We are going to the beach.

_DSC1156 We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere close to Waldorf, MD.  We woke up and went to beach.  The beach is at the end of this long trail through the woods…. The beach was so high tide that there was virtually no beach.  There was no chance of Sharks Teeth findings and it was really cold.  We stayed only a short while.

We than headed to York, to the Nixon center where Geology Weekend was about to end.  That is a pretty neat little museum if you haven’t visited it….everyone should go there once.  More than once though is overkill…unless you like the trails.  The trails are the only thing that really change any.

We left the environmental center and went to a friend of ours who lives in York.  They have a little boy that Kyra likes playing with, so we stayed there until pretty late.  We left and came  home.  Our surprise weekend get away. 

We are back together afterwards of course.  We never really had a good reason to be separated as we never really fought.  It is really bizarre to me because it seems like we didn’t even skip a beat.  I always like being with him.  He makes me laugh.  He still does. 

Now we are back to deal with things I never dealt with before, that is his parents.  I never really dealt with in-law per say parents, so I am a bit more awkward than I usually am.  I am nervous even though I haven’t seen them again yet.

All in all it was a really great weekend.  I am really happy and my family visit was really nice.