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Barney has a Purple Party when there friend Charlene comes back to visit the park after being away a long time.  At Barney’s party all the kids dress up in purple clothing from the costume closet, they eat foods that are purple, Charlene is very suprised and they all have a great time.  This is one of Kyra’s favorite Barney shows and I have probably watched it 50 times.

Well, adults can have “Purple Party” too, only for a different cause, the World Alheimer’s Day is coming soon.  It is actually tomorrow.  I think your purple party can be a great success even if you are starting the planning a little late and there is no better need for help than with this awful disease that affects so many and will affect some of us reading.

You can register your party on at witch will allow you to create you own webpage for the party.  It will also send an email reminder to guests, which will allow guests to make donations to help cure alzheimers online. 

In addition donations that are made this month will be doubled by the generous people of The Harrah’s Foundation, so even a small donation can make a big difference.