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Today went on basically without a hitch until evening that is. Here is Kyra sitting in her seat as we took off this morning for kindergarten run. Doesn’t she look cute, ready to go.

Well, I called the Big Spring School about getting the pool schedule. I have been meaning and trying to get since the beginning of school. I got a hold of the director of Athletics. Woo Hoo….Woo Hoo…I asked about swimming on Tuesday’s because I didn’t really need him to read the whole schedule to me, just basically tell me when open swim is in the evening.

Well, he told me lap swim from 6 to 7, aqua fit from 7 to 8, and open swim from 8 to 9 on Tuesdays. This is all swell because I know they will let me swim with Kyra during lap swimming. They never get that many and I like swimming laps with her anyways. That is basically what I do.

We go to the school at a little before 6. I didn’t have my suit on and wanted to make sure we would be able to swim although, I was pretty sure. Well, it turns out there is one little detail that they didn’t tell me. The lap swim is from 6 to 7 AM. So this little details pretty much screws up our plans. So I figure we can wait an hour, I guess. Well Kyra isn’t a very patient person. She wanted to swim I guess. So I was walking all over everywhere basically. I took a little tour of the school walking up and down all the athletic department hallways. I met the janitor, nice guy by the way. Well, all this walking made Kyra pretty tired and pretty grouchy. I was going on my way to leave.

There was a small step Kyra needed to step down maybe about 2 or 3 inches, no big deal. She does this all the time at home we have a concrete slab in our back yard that she steps off all the time. She saw the step, stopped put one foot down and just fell flat on her face onto the sidewalk. She now has a big boil right on her head. This one is going to be there awhile…Poor girl. I felt so bad…So so bad. That was terrible. I should have known she was tired and going to fall. So I get her cleaned up with baby wipes and stopped crying with kisses and strange faces. We head home, she is asleep before we get home. (Home is a 10 minute drive if that.) She is still asleep and will be for the night, but I keep looking at this boil wanting to cry.

I hate people who don’t tell you correct information even when they are looking right at it. That stupid guy on the phone is the guy responsible for this really. Why couldn’t he just told me correct information?? The schedule is pretty clear. If he had Kyra would have been swimming and without this huge boil. He sucks…..Really sucks.

Well, that is that. Good Night..