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headtail Heads or Tails is hosted weekly at Skittles Place.


I am not so sure that I believe in luck beyond card games.  I have been pretty lucky with card games and gambling when I have given it a go.  When we drove truck, I used to save my dimes.  Yeah, I hear you how pathetic.  DIMES!  I am obviously not a big gambler.  I would stop at the casinos in Nevada though almost everytime we went through.  I only used these dimes mostly.

Adam would get impatient with me because we had a load to deliver and this always made us rush after we would leave.  Isn’t that a sign of addiction??

I almost always would come out with more dimes than I went in with.  I would start with a single roll and bet every one in it, but leave when I was done with that single roll.  I would hit the cash out button everytime I won even a single dime back.  It took about 45 minutes to go through a roll on the dime machine.  I never left with less than 1/4 of a roll when I left.  Most of the time though, I had slightly more than what I went in with. 

One time though….I came out with $250. I glowed for the rest of that truck route.  It is so easy to make me happy. 

Could I be an addict after all??