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9/11 – Where were you??

headtail I was in the worst position ever.  You see I had a female exam appointment at 9:00 that day.  I was somewhere within this exam when the World Trade Center was struck by the first plane.  I left my appointment completely unaware that the world was changing. 

I go to my car and my cell phone was beeping (very strange for me, nobody calls me).  I had missed 19 calls.  They were all Adam even stranger.

Apparently something awful had happened to him.  I called expecting to hear that he was in an accident, but everything was okay.  You see at this time he was over the road and I didn’t see him but only on the weekends.  I think that is how our marriage survived for so long…anyways. 

That is when I learned what was going on in New York, but he was safe and headed for Virginia.

I watched the news for a few hours and cried some especially at watching the video of the second plane hit.  I tried to keep it off after that though and concentrated on other things.  I think I actually cleaned. 

I am not sentimental though about too many things.  It is one of my bad traits.  Sometimes I appear not to care about tragedy.  I do care… I just don’t get all caught up in it a lot of times and this is one of those times even at the mass scale.  I knew 3 people in the building, and all 3 of them survived. 

My life sort of immediately moved on even while so many were in such distraught conditions emotionally. 

This is my heads or tails Tuesday presented by Skittles.