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headtail My first thoughts at this weeks theme was dog training, my second was Thomas the Train, my 3rd was all the railroad crossings that I have to stop at in town. So here is my rather messy train posting because I can’t decide.


  1. Deuce is training good. He hasn’t went on the the floor in the house for over a week. He can sit, shake, and lay on command, but doesn’t listen very good when you don’t have food obvious. He also comes to his name very well. He hates being tied outside which I find sort of odd for a dog. He just sits at the end of the chain and wines until he is untied.
  2. Thomas the Train – I don’t like him at all. How can he be popular with kids?? People say bad things about Barney, but praise dumb Thomas. I would rather watch Barney any day of the week.
  3. Did you know it is federal law for school busses to stop at railroad crossings. We have to stop, turn off all noise (we have a button for this), put bus out of gear, set brake, open door, put the bus back in gear, and then unset the brake all while our flashers are going at each railroad crossings. The whole process is supposed to be for safety, but I think it sort of hinders safety, as I can’t keep my face above the dash when I am putting on and taking off the brake and anything can happen. I totally believe in stopping though and looking and listening. I think the whole procedure is a bit of overkill though.

There you go, I did it and quite the variety of a post while I am at it. I finally participated again…see Skittles I told you I would be back.