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headtail My friend Skittles is starting to do this new Meme.  She is having a weekly topic to write post on. I will probably play along every week because I like meme’s and it is pretty cool to start out from the very first one.  I also don’t do one regularly on Tuesdays, so it does fit in. 

This first one is sort of easy for me. My whole life is in a beginning stage.  I am just starting my whole new life being single again.  I never really ever have done this before. 

Yeah….I was single before, but never really on my own. 

I was in the Army single.  I did date a lot in there (There are guys everywhere when you are in the Army!), but you can imagine.  It wasn’t like I took care of myself.  I went to a cafeteria for food everyday and it was included with my job.  My housing was included in my job.  There was nothing about this that said I am taking care of myself.  My whole life was a schedule that I didn’t create.

Otherwise, I lived with my parents or lived with Adam.  I never had my own place, so this is a total beginning for me. 

I sort of look forward to in a strange way all the new things that life has to bring to me while I am:

  • being on my own
  • in my own place
  • with my own rules
  • with my own set schedule
  • responsible for myself completely

It is really hard even now though for me to imagine this even happening in my life.  I was so set that my life would be stable and my marriage would last and all that good stuff that you do.  It at this point even though it has been over a month this way is still sort of a fairy tale feeling.

So…here is to new exciting BEGINNINGS in my life and in the life of this brand new Tuesday meme.  I hope both do great.