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headtail I have just had a crazy two days.  I have been hardly home which is ironic because I am envisioning my Monday’s and Tuesday’s as being semi-boring days in the future.  Anyways, here is my Heads or Tails Tuesday brought over from Skittles.


This week we are to choose to write about a hobby or something that rhymes with hobby.  I can only think of two things that rhyme with hobby though, Bobby and Lobby.  I haven’t invested a lot of time in this though, so I am sure there are others.  I am just going to write about a hobby though and that is you know… rock collecting.

 20070829_01110a My favorite part of my collection is obviously my kitchen wall.  Here is my porch collection though.  I am going to turn the top shelf in my basement into a rock display area though eventually.  I still have a lot of work to do before that happens though.

More of the fun of this collection comes from being part of the rock club and going hunting for the rocks.  I most frequently don’t leave with virtually anything, but I really enjoy visiting and associating with the people involved with geology.  They are some very interesting, but sometimes a boring crowd.  That is exactly what I am though very interesting, yet boring at the same time.  I fit right in.  LOL…

It is a fairly cheap hobby though and ultra fun.  You should try finding that prize specimen too.