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My last few days have been very dull.  I have just worked basically.  I today had a long install, so I drove my bus, came home, went to that, came home, drove my bus.  This evening I have just waited for Kyra.  I love getting her back.

headtail Anyways…I am going to just make this my weekly meme from Skittles.

This week the topic is:


I however when I think of keys I smile because I really don’t have any keys except my vehicle keys that I need.  I love my combination door lock.  I can get in and out of my house without keys.  I could live an almost key free life.

When I used to drive truck though boy did we have keys and combinations and a whole lot of other things to get into doors.  I used to deliver flowers, yes fresh cut ones.  We would go from floral shop to floral shop 24 hours a day.  We would get there usually when they were closed and have to attempt to get into all these places without bells and sirens going off on us.

You see we had this key that fit this box that was over the door.  We unlocked that box and got the key to the door.  We than got the door unlocked and had to find the alarm.  This is in a place we generally had never been and we had like 2 minutes to do that in or the police would come with guns drawn wondering what we were up to.  Thinking we were crooks, when in fact we were quite the opposite, we were leaving stuff.

After all those keys, we usually had to unload like at least 50 boxes.  That is why I was so thin back then.  My job was to take them from the inside of the truck to the back end, so we called it tailgating them.  I am not sure if that is an official term.  I would sometimes have to tailgate hundreds of boxes though. 

It was worst when we didn’t have a dock to do this from because I would have to tailgate them and then get them in a standard door and then into a cooler somewhere in the florist shop.  Florist shops are not the neatest places on earth and those coolers aren’t in the most convenient of locations many a time.

Anyways, that is my experience with KEYS.  I am sure glad I am not driving flowers anymore.  Kids are much easier.  They unload themselves and the door is never locked.  LOL…

Good Night…