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headtail  Today the heads or tails topic is school, so I didn’t figure I would bore you with some of my school stories.  Aaaahhhh!  I have a Mennonite school though to share with you.  This is a school that I pass on my bus route everyday and is very close to my house.

20070904_00211aThis school less than 2 weeks ago was a field of grass that hay was harvested from this summer from this field.

In this school though, I find it interesting.  Classes started today. 

There is one teacher and students from all the grades.  There will be the standard classes that are in the public school that I drive for.  There are absolutely no money issues here…these students get new text books each and every year.  

They will be learning 3 languages Dutch, German, and lastly English in this school.  All the students that attend this school live within 3 miles of it.  They all ride there bikes to school (all year) and yet have energy for some of the most intense football and kickball games I have ever seen.  They play kickball all winter long even the coldest of days.  The girls do so wearing cotton dresses.

I personally would love for my daughter to be enrolled in a Mennonite school here.

Oh yeah back to this building.  It was built in about a week and a half by the parents of and the students that are attending today.  They built all of the desks and furniture as well. 

How would you like to have to build your own desk before you could go to class??

Anyways…I find this whole process completely fascinating, so thought I would share through Skittles Heads or Tails day.