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Today was super.  We woke up late, and went to our diabetic training.  It was a waste of time.  It was about diabetic drugs, mostly pills.  Stan is already on insulin, so that whole section wasn’t worth our time. It was like buttering the other people up for the fact that someday they maybe on insulin too.  We passed around insulin pens that were preloaded with insulin.  That was the most interesting to me.  I would like to look into getting something like that for Stan because I don’t think he changes syringes like he should.

I am trying to get his prescriptions mailed to us in 90 day supplies, so I have to get all his prescriptions to specifically say 90 day supply.  The doctors office wanted me to bring a list of what he is taking.  Yeah…they prescribe them all and I am supposed to bring a list to them to make it easier for them.  Well, I took it over to there office no problem.  I waited 15 minutes for this nurse lady who was waiting on some other ghost person, maybe a phone call.  I not sure.  I was getting mad though.  I only wanted to give her this list and leave…simple.  I told the receptionist lady that his name was on it and there it was and to give it to her when she was ready.  I left….I bet she was mad, but I was too.  It is so stupid.  I am sick of jumping through hoops for everyone for these pills.  It is so crazy.  We spend so much money on pills, you wouldn’t believe.

I got home….

20070821_01902p Heather came to visit. She was going school shopping with Robin.

20070821_02502p She took pictures of me with Kyra.  They are the best pictures of me that I have had taken in quite awhile.  That is the best one, I think.  I actually look pretty good!

20070821_02602p This one is cute though too.  I hold Kyra upside down like this quite often.  She loves it.  When I take her down she stands ready to be lifted again and says “Ready, Ready”.  It is so cute.

20070821_00212p Stan’s lady came and did her job, part of her job is to play cards with him.  I think he really enjoys this.  I am still trying to get them to put a card night together at the Senior Center.  They don’t have any activities that they don’t eat at.  Stan is diabetic and can’t really snack and most meals have too much carbs for him.  We are being very careful and he is liking his weight loss progress.

Tom came in here somewhere too.  He brought bolts so I could connect Kyra’s headboard to her frame.  They didn’t come with them.  I think he a few of every bolt made, so he hooked that up.  He didn’t stay very long.

20070821_03402p Kyra shows us how strong she is.  This is that thing that babies lay under and the toys dangle from, she thinks it is a bar bell now though.  She insists frequently that it be in the living room although I frequently put it in a different room.

20070821_01001p She also shows us that she is a good reader.  I love this photo, but despite having all these books to read.  I still don’t think she has enough.  I have read each of these at least 10 times.  I am going to start going to the library with her soon here after school starts.  I can go with the bus on the way in during the afternoon.  There is plenty of parking, so we are going to start going like weekly and getting some different books for us to read.

They are putting the horses in with my goats tomorrow, so tonight Larry made a pig house, like I wanted.  I wanted a place where she could lay so the horses won’t step on her.  She likes tight places, so she will do good with this partition that was made.  I bet the goats sleep in there too.  LOL…  These horses have never really had a barn though, so they mostly think that they won’t come in.  We will see though.  I also had him look at this spot that I have leaking to see if it is a pipe or us splashing.  It is a pipe, my hot water pipe is leaking.  He said he will fix that on Friday.  It is copper pipes, so beyond my beginner PVC knowledge.

Shortly after this Kyra went to bed.  She didn’t take a nap today, so went out early.  I think I might go early too and set the alarm for early to start getting us used to waking early again or rather myself waking early.  I expect her to sleep through at least 1/2 my route for at least a few weeks here at the beginning.

Well, that is a long enough post.  It was a day though.  I might do a sponsored post on here later.  I am going to post about all the rock shows that I picked up brochures for this weekend on my rock site first though.