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As Kyra looks at me from over there….LOL. She looks so cute. She is sitting on her dad computer chair, sort of spinning. I always am wondering about what she is thinking. It must be good thoughts because I think smiles are instinctive for happiness. She does smile a whole lot. She smiles for seeing about anyone that she knows, which is a whole lot of people and kids. She cries for almost everyone when they leave her. She cries for the last kid getting off the school bus even some days.

Oh wow…what a day today was. I typed that first paragraph early in the day. At about 10:30 this morning a surge hit our house and knocked out my power strip for my computer, so I haven’t had a computer available for most of the day. Which I pretty much suck at…I am addicted to e-mails. I live though… Here is a picture frame I made from a Woodrose Tutorial tonight. This is what I was working on when the power surge hit. I lost all my work than though, so I redid it tonight.

I went tonight at 5:30 and got a new battery surge protector, so I am back in action. I have to file for a new one from the company because my old one was covered by a warranty. It will take a few weeks though. They are really slow at least last time they were. Yes, I surged out another one about 2 years ago.

Well, I really messed up today. I was cooking my lunch and instead of eating it. I left it cook for my whole kindergarten route. My fire smoke alarm was going off, it works. You can hear it from � mile away I think. My house was filled up with smoke. I am lucky that it didn’t catch on fire. I think my lunch was on fire. It is all sooty. I still have smoke all through my house. I will take a picture of what is left of my lunch from today, tomorrow. I don’t feel like it tonight. Right now, I am just going to lean back and enjoy my somewhat smoggy air and be glad it is almost bed time.

Tomorrow has to be a better day. Well, like I said. Leaning back and relaxing…Night…