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Kyra now finds it amusing that she can actually chase the cat around and sort of keep up. She has been doing this to an extent since she could army crawl, but now oh it is so fun for her.

The cat gets her back though by going just on the other side of the gate and laying down to tease her. What brats I have huh?? LOL…

I have to tell funny stories on here that she does so we remember.

Well, today she was playing with her case of diapers. (The big box that like 110 diapers come in.) Well, she stands up beside it with one hand on the opening flap of the box and the other hand on the closed taped part. She would push the flap down with one hand and scream because it was on her other hand. She than reached up for me and I would just say “Your Okay” she would smile and than do it again. She did this like 5 times today before she figured out that she was hurting her ownself. I thought this was pretty funny.

Well, there another short post. I will do another and than I done. Amazing this seems to be working tonight. Posted by Picasa