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Yesterday was a fun day. Andy came down and stayed Saturday night, I guess he had been visiting somewhere prior and this was on the way. He brought his 4-wheeler to put in our barn. It won’t fit at his new place yet. We went yesterday though and saw his new apartment. It is pretty nice actually. We went to Chocolate World on the way. Kyra loved it I think, she was so attentive the whole thing. It is like they made it for year olds.

We than went putt putt golfing. I won…LOL… Here is the official score card. I won by 4 points. That is amazing. I don’t think I have ever beaten Adam in 9 years.

I forgot my camera though and there were so many good photos I could have taken. It makes me sad. Now we have to go again to get Kyra in front of that big waterfall at the golf course. I want to buy a small little camera that will fit in my pocket, so I can have it everywhere.

Well, I am getting off here. I just wanted to tell about the good time and the win. LOL….