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Here is the picture from today. We took a family hike. It was like 40 degrees outside, so some people may think we were crazy to take a baby outside in those temperatures. (My husband being one of those people.) We walked about 1 mile total. I thought the temperature was okay, but that is all that we talked about. It was like a hike from hell.

As you can see in the picture the baby is fine. She is wrapped in a blanket in the backpack. Her arm is out because she wouldn’t let us cover it. She pulled it out each attempt and believe me there were probably 50 attempts made in our short hike.

It was like I was carrying Adam on my back to as much as he picked at the bag.

We all survived, so another lesson learned. If you want to walk with family while it is less than 70 degrees out go to the mall. Posted by Picasa