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Today was an interesting day.  I was gone all day, Adam got Kyra at about 10 this morning.  I basically immediately left and went to Circuit City.  I was there for over 2 hours after I had also been there on Monday for over 2 hours.  I worked on setting up this TV internet display.  We got the whole thing installed, but something was wrong with the power in the section.  It doesn’t work still.  I left a bit depressed…

I am still hoping to get a call for the job at the car dealership.  I talked to Cathy across the street and told her I was hoping to get this job and such.  She said “Oh, I know Tim” let me call him for you.  I now sit here and wonder if she did.  I wonder if these calls help though or if they are just annoying because these guys are busy.  Cathy used to type for me when I sold on ebay full-time though, so she is probably a good reference whom I never even thought of putting down.  Sorry, Cathy….

Anyways, back to today.  I had my substitute bus driver all lined up for this afternoon because Stan had an appointment to schedule his hip replacement.  That appointment went great, but was LONG.  We were there til almost 3.  His appointment for his replacement is on December 10th though, so only 21 days away.  I think he is pretty excited.  I am sort of going “Aaaahhhhh” though because there are like 4 doctor visits and blood work things needed before he actually gets to that day. 

He will have to learn to ride the bus though and Adam can take him to most of the things if need be.  They seem to be mostly on Monday’s.

I went after all that out with Stephen, we just went to the Pub and ate though.  It was nice though as usual.  I can’t believe I have been seeing him a month now as it seems like yesterday we met. 

Anyways, that was my day.  It isn’t as late as I have been in the past, but is getting later.  I am going to bed though, good night.