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20070707_06501pI have no idea what a coke furnace is, but it was used during the early 1800’s.  Stan and I agree that this was a neat thing, he said he hasn’t seen anything like it ever.

20070707_04701p Here to show you a better size comparison.  Stan is 5 foot 8.  That ceiling has to be 12 feet.  The whole thing has to be greater than 50 feet.

20070707_04801p We found it interesting that there was one of these like escape hatches on each side.  I not sure if that is the official name of course.

20070707_05001p  20070707_06101p Another cool thing about this giant fire pit.  They had a very nice playground in front of it.  I got Kyra tired….for the ride home.

20070707_06603pWe had a very peaceful ride home.  She was hugging her tiger the whole way. She woke up about 2 miles from  the door.

20070707_07307pWe fed the goats, went and visited Robin a bit, cooked dinner, watched some TV, and took bathes so we are ready for tomorrow.  I don’t think our bathtub has ever been this full before…I think she could actually swim in it.  LOL…

That was the day and now….I am going to read from my reader.  My counter thing says that I am down to only 145 feeds left to go.