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OK, so at my house we are sick of playing traditional games with our neighbors, so yesterday we played untraditional games, LOL… Some of which used duct tape as illustrated in the photo. All good clean fun. Adam and Mark have there legs taped in the center, than there other outer legs taped, so there legs are taped crossed. They than have there hands crossed and there arms taped. There are old curtains on there to protect there skin from pulling hairs. The goal of this exercise is to just stand up. We were all laughing so hard, it was histerical.

The kids had done it first and we adults just laughed and laughed at them, so they said “You try it”…..and so the men did. The kids and adults are equally sucky at this game. I personally didn’t get taped though as nobody is close to my size of the group.

After this fun, we were tired. Kyra slept through the night without waking up once. That was the first night that I remember her doing this, so probably her first time. She is almost 10 months, so plenty old enough to sleep all night. Woo Hoo…. I hope she has started a trend.

Today was a crazy day after yesterday’s fun.

Today we went to the dentist this morning. It is only like a mile from the school I take kindergarten kids from, so I drove my bus to the appointment. I have a cavity. I have to go back and get it fixed next week. It is underneath a current filling, so I think they just didn’t get all the grime out before they put the first filling in. I don’t think you would ever get a dentist to admit that though. My wisdom teeth are almost fully out now, they were impacted. They don’t hurt at all though, so they are staying as part of my mouth.

After the dentist I did my runs. I had a kindergarten student on my afternoon run, kick the kid who sits with him in the face, so I had to do a little talk with a little boy. I hate doing those talks. I got home and the septic guy still wasn’t here, so I went to the mall and did my Sears job. It was a compliance check for Sony. I have no idea if they passed or not. That Sears almost always doesn’t have a lot of the stuff displayed that is on the list for me to check.

After I got back the septic guy was here. He emptied the tank, so now our toilet works again. Hallalujah…. I could take a shower too, so both Kyra and I got cleaned up. You don’t know what you got until it is gone when it comes to plumbing. LOL….

Well, now is bed time. Bye Bye…