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Ok, I am just going to come out and be totally honest.  Really that is the way I am anyways.  I hate feeling like I have to hide anything.  I always felt like I was holding a big secret when I was a kid and that is part of the reason I didn’t have friends.  I think….

So…here is my complete honest statement.

Adam and I are getting a divorce.

20070722_00508a That is the reason for saying that I am going to be moving.  However, upon further examination.  I can’t really afford a different place any more than I can afford to stay here.  I don’t want to live in a dump and I love it here.  I LOVE it here.  I want to stay.

The idea of moving makes me cry.  I mean look at that back yard.  It is heavenly…it is what I love.  It is peaceful, relaxing, and the most wonderful place on earth.

Adam and I are still going to remain friends, talking and such.  We both want to be totally involved as part of Kyra’s life….  Adam is still a good man, so for anyone that wants to bad mouth him in front of me.  Well, I will defend him still and that is that.

Stan is going to also be staying here with me.  Yes, that is strange, I know.  The father of my soon to be ex-husband will be living with me.  I like Stan though and get along with him very well.  He doesn’t really want to move either, he likes it here.  He is already paying rent, so that will continue and that will help facilitate us being able to afford it here.

I am going to go talk to my company I drive for and explain to my boss my situation and try to get a sports team or something to drive extra.  I would be able to afford it here much easier with something like that.  If I don’t get more driving, I will go get a part time job somewhere doing something.

You will also see more PPP things and advertising on this site.  This site really needs to pay for my computer gear and such.

I would also like to take night classes at the university and get myself smarter.  I think I will be able to afford things here though, and it will probably turn out to the better after said and done. 

So there you have my honest situation in life.  It is a bit stressful right now, but all will be better and the stress will ultimately disappear.  It will turn out a more relaxing life than it has probably been in a long time.  My 10-year marriage will be something I will always be proud of, no matter how the statistics look.