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So I dropped Stan off last night at the hospital, expecting to go get him early this morning.  I came home took a shower and blogged my semi-usual routine.  Well, about 15 minutes after I posted here.  The hospital sleep lab called me and said that Stan had a spell.  Yeah, they called it a spell.  Apparently he got pretty upset and tried to clobber the nurse.  They shackled him and took him up to ER.  He doesn’t remember this…his sugar was 28 though. 

I can’t imagine him needing shackled, but I wasn’t there and they don’t know him.  He may have been scared in that he was sleeping and then some stranger was in front of him.  Who knows….

I went down to ER though as the sleep test ended obviously.  I talked to a doctor.  We decided because he is having these sugar issues here at home too.  It was not necessary to admit him.  We reduced his insulin by quite a bit.  He came home with me.

It was about 2 when I got to bed.  I think I slept pretty well, but I know I had this garage sale.  I didn’t want to be irresponsible as my stuff is there for sale.  I got up at 6:45 and went to help set it up and such.  Stan and Kyra came with of course, this was my planned day.

I was exhausted.  I honestly couldn’t function…I am reluctantly admitting this.  Tom and Stan took charge.  I fell out cold sleep on the couch effectively devoiding myself of my garage sale and parenting responsibilities. I slept for at least 3 hours.

I woke up like a new person though.  I actually felt like I had slept.  It is an amazing feeling everyone should feel this.  Kyra was playing out with Tom.  The garage sale traffic was steady for the day, not extravagant and not dead slow.

Lunch time Stan’s sugar dropped again.  He didn’t pass out or act funny though, we just got him more sugar in his system with Chocolate Syrup.  That was probably the first time he has had that in a very long time.  It was the sugariest thing in the fridge though with 20 grams in 2 tablespoons.  Anyways, he has been fine since.  He took his reduced insulin plan this evening and ate really good meal.  I even gave him a small brownie, so he should be good tonight.

Anyways, I made a little over 70 dollars at the garage sale.  My truck driving cooler (a cooler you plug into a cigarette lighter and it continually runs to keep whatever cold) making more than half of my total with one sale as I had it for $40 and wouldn’t be talked down.  It sold… woo hoo.  My dishwasher didn’t sell which was my other big ticket item.  Now, I am going to go the run an ad in the paper route or the sell to the used appliance store people.  Who knows…oh how I wish it would have sold.  It is a portable style which costed about $400 new.  I had it marked $100.  It works perfectly…we had our kitchen remodeled with the new built in version.

I came home slightly before everything was cleaned up, but I only had about 2 boxes of stuff left.  The clothing all going to charity.

I got home and Kyra was acting all weird.  She wasn’t playing like she usually would.  She wanted held and was all loving.  We kissed quite a few times.  LOL… I noticed she was really hot, so I took her temperature.  It was 102.  Aaaaahhhhhh!

She went to sleep for like a nap at slightly later than normal nap time.  She woke up and I let her take a bath in very luke warm water.  She was probably feeling like a polar bear in this water.  It did lower the temperature slightly though.  She seemed slightly better not so loving. 

We fed the goats.  She was so cute.  She does the feeding of the cat for me.  She took like 4 things over to the cat dish and the cat was eating away.  I should have had my camera, but she did that part all by herself, usually I help her.  Pretty soon, she will be the whole barn person.  She now does the cat feeding and the goat watering.  LOL…

We came back and ate supper of pork chops and carrots from the grill.  She ate really well.

20070630_00106p She went off playing sort of like nothing was happening wrong at all.  I am still not sure how she got the thermometer, but she took the temperature of all her stuffed animals and dolls.  They all were close to 80, so on the cold side.  LOL…

Kyra’s temperature is still slightly elevated, but not all that high in the 99 range.  She might be getting something more, but I hope the fever gets rid of it.

She went to bed with hardly a fight even after that late nap.  She is sleeping with her butt in the air with her feet all squished up to her belly.  It looks silly, but she is out. 

Stan is also asleep.  He now has to reschedule his sleep test and hopefully we get this insulin mess corrected and he can go through a day with level sugar levels.

So, that is my day.  It was a really crazy one.  I now need to sleep tonight because tomorrow holds some promise that I could get some work done.  Monday should be crazy too, so a little extra sleep for me won’t hurt any.

Oh, yeah and the blog exchange is in the morning, so come check out my guest writer from Quarter Rest.  Her post is ready and scheduled to post in the morning, as will mine be on her site.  My post this time is not all that exciting.  I did write it on my new laptop though and at the garage sale yesterday.