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I am going to forward this message from my newly met acquaintance Skot.  He has been ranting about bus heat in my contact page and I sort of have been blowing him off.  (Sorry about that.) Now though… I realize he is in Jacksonville Florida.  I would assume that air conditioning would be standard in that area (even without a law)  with it being so hot, but his districts busses do not have it.  I find this appalling, so I am forwarding his message on to you with a link to one of his numerous sites about the issue.

Please, check it out and if you are in a southern area find out if your district has air conditioning on the busses.  It really does get very hot on these busses in the sun….they have 60 windows on them.  I have washed them.  There are no curtains to block that sun.  Anyways…here is his message.

My name is Skot David Wilson, and I’m on a quest! Heat indexes in the South can reach over 130 degrees, which is dangerous to drivers and children alike. I advocate two changes to how things are now. Requiring that all new buses replacing old ones come equipped with air conditioning, and making sure kids have water when the heat is dangerous.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP CHANGE THINGS, please support these efforts and improve the conditions many drivers are forced to endure every day it’s hot.

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If your district doesn’t have air conditioning, comment here or contact Skot and we can get you information on what to do to help change that.