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I didn’t sleep last night, so I have just been sort of loafing around here today.  I feel like I have to relax on top of that because the next few days will just be go go go and this is my last chance to relax for a few days.

I also sort of feel like Stan has been go go go for a couple days now and the relaxing is good for him too.

I did get some things done though.  I weeded the garden for about 1/2 an hour and cleaned a few things, but hardly anything really. 

We all sat on the back porch in the fresh air.  Kyra was petting the barn cat (pickles) and she of course decided to pick her up.  Why does she have this burning desire to pick them up?  I was surprised that this cat didn’t instantly revolt.  (This isn’t the usual cat that you see Kyra with.  This is the barn cat which is our house cat (diamond’s) mother.  We only have the two cats.)  So, I let her hold her and didn’t interrupt. 

Like her new underpants, she is liking wearing those which I am glad.  Woo Hoo… she did have an accident today once and isn’t going poo in the potty very good, but she is coming a long ways.

I am still in the feelings like Stan is a guest in my house and that he is here to stay although I know it.  Superficially, it hasn’t sunken in yet.  I don’t know when that will happen.  Doesn’t he look cute though up there holding Kyra. 

Now, I am back to work tomorrow and this weekend is over.  The weekend, I have been thinking about for quite awhile.  Good Night..