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They are our children is a charity site that everyone should read.  I used to sponsor one of these kids in a foreign country.  It was a pretty good program except they only allowed the kid to write to you twice a year and encouraged you to write and give more money all the time. 

That was the reason I stopped and now I concentrate my charity on kids from my bus that need help.  I have some very poor kids and others whose parents aren’t worth anything.  I have given away jackets, back packs, and quite a few salon appointments.  When I do these larger gift, I never do it in front of other students.  I also always have a bag of goodies on my bus and when I see a good deed, pencils and erasers or whatever happens to be in that bag are given away right in front of the other students.

Non-profit is though a very hard business to be in with the moral and ethical expectations as well as the constant fund raising.  Most non-profit does not sell a product, so having an income is the largest source of expenditures.  I applaud the owner of this site They Are Our Children for her work with making the non-profits within children aid category recognized.

I also wanted to point out her other very different sites. For All Your Blogs is a site where she tries to share what she has learned about blogging as she goes.  Finally her last site is called Your Music, Your Way which is a site used to promote local bands.

These are all 3 fairly new sites, but I thought I would tell you about them to be in the look out.  These are some good up and coming sites.