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I had fun checking my sites rankings in Google yesterday.  I have been getting increasingly more visits from the search engines.  Thanks Google, as usual.  Google has sent me almost 1500 visitors this month.

It is the new ones that are surprising me though.  Altavista and Arianna have sent me there very first visitors this week.

Anyways, this is all becoming more and more fascinating to me.  I was doing various searches though and checking where I was ranking.  I do this sometimes, but not as frequently as some other bloggers that I know. 

I am surely Ladylike4 though in the search engines.  For Google, if you search for “ladylike4”, I am pegged in slots 1-70 and I didn’t check higher than that.  Yes, that is me in all those places.  It is not all directly to this page obviously, but it is comments I have left or other sites where my username is ladylike4.  They are all me though…

Another statistic thing that baffles me.  Yesterday my RSS number was 50.  It seems like every single time it gets to 50 than the next day it is down in the 30’s.  Why is this??  It is 39 today.

I got an e-mail yesterday as well that made me smile.  It was someone wanting to start blogging asking about starting out and how to get traffic.  The normal questions, but this person refers to my readers as massive. That made me smile because I don’t often think about it.  I do get a lot more traffic than when I first started and the traffic is a great incentive to keep on writing on here.  I don’t think this site would be what it is without my visitors.

Hi Jennifer!
I came across your blog page recently while I was researching doing my own blog site and I just had to ask how you manage to pay your bills with blogging about everyday stuff like you do?  Your readership is massive and I was just curious about how you started your blog and how it grew to what it is today.  How did you get your advertising? What sort of topics do you discuss that seem to capture the attention of many? How do you attract so many people to your site?  Im just exploding with questions and I was hoping you could give me some advice.  Any would be appreciated!  I have yahoo IM if you would like to chat sometime (if that is easier for you than email)….my ID is __________.
I hope to hear from you soon!

As far as answering her questions.  There are no secrets to getting more readers.  It takes time.  Every site starts with there first visitor and hopefully that first visitor will tell 10 new people and those 10 will tell 10 more.  That is how traffic comes and goes with all sites generally, so the total secret to traffic is time.  Yeah, TIME… This site is over 2 years old and has been regularly updated for that entire time.

I also do sponsored reviews and posts now quite frequently.  I didn’t do my first one though until I had been writing for a year and that was a year to the day. 

It was so nice to get this e-mail though.  It made me smile wide for at least an hour.  I am willing to help anyone that wants to start a site though, just send me a line.  Time is the biggest secret though.

You can message me as well.  I am ladylike4444 on both yahoo and AIM messengers.  Yeah, ladylike4 was taken at both places when I signed up.   I have to warn you though that I do leave my messenger program saying I am online when I am really not.  I never change my status and just leave my computer, so if I don’t answer.  It isn’t that I won’t.  It is that I am not there really.

There you go for FUN statistics.