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Let me tell you what has been going on.  My life is crazy, but fun and exciting all at the same time.  I finally passed my insurance test, yeah my 3rd try.  I suck.  I passed it though and so am now officially an agent in PA.  I have my Life, Property, and Casualty licenses now.  Work is going well, I am sort of getting used to being there now.

???????? ????? ????????Everything is going great with Stephen and I.  We have been heading off to a lot of stuff that with his friends from when he was in college.  They are all growing up now.  It is a sort of strange prospective to see them from where I am in life.  Even where Stephen is I sometimes think he feels a bit awkward.  We spend a lot of time together which is nice. 

Kyra is doing great.  Her rabbit got loose though, so we can’t find that.  It is terrible.  It is still hard to give her up to her babysitter and her dad.  I really look forward to my weekends with her.  When she is with her dad or the baby sitter it is like I get her back for her grumpiest part of the day.  She comes home takes a bath and goes to bed and that is almost it. 

??????Our deuce is doing good.  He may start going to work with me which will be cool.  There is like a dog fence from the people that live in front of the office and I am getting permission for him to be in that to go to the bathroom and stuff while I am at work.  That would make it so I don’t have to rush home to get him out though, he would be with.  He is really good with people, even though he would be locked behind a gate at first.  He will probably be loved very quickly by customers.

Anyways, I am still around.

Oh, guess what….I am finally going to go to the aquarium tomorrow.  That has been a goal since forever, well… tomorrow is the day.  I have tickets bought can’t turn back now.  That is what my tax refund is going to be spent on.  It will be so fun.

Have a great time until I jibber jabber again.