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There was an overtime settlement made for overtime of a whole lot of school bus drivers in Florida.  The majority of them get between $1200 and $1300 as there part of the settlement for having not been paid overtime.

Here is the PDF.

I wonder though how that works.  Drivers are the exception to the fair labor act, so it really does make me wonder about this stuff.  Read the small print on those minimum wage posters at work and you will see what I am talking about. 

I myself get paid by the route and not based on time.  I don’t think it matters my time and I don’t think there is a point where I could get overtime.

I think that this company could get away with not paying overtime if they switch to paying per job instead of hourly for the drivers, but I also think it is great that the drivers are getting something. 

Drivers are severely underpaid in my opinion….SEVERELY.  I don’t say this only because I am a driver.  I think everyone whom I have told my pay amount to usually loose a good section of their chin muscles.

So anyways, congratulations on your victory in Florida there.  It is great to see a company have to stand behind there pay.