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I didn’t get the job that I wanted.  I think all my friends were thinking it was almost a sure shot.  Some of them were more emotional than I was which probably was easy.  Lyn said she felt like they were rejecting her which made me laugh sort of.

Other people said that they were sexist in that office, which I have no idea. 

I called yesterday though and the man told me that they had offered the job to a man and he hadn’t accepted it yet, so if he doesn’t accept it.  There still might be a chance for me, but yeah right… reject a job where your job is to take picture of cars.  I can’t freaken imagine.  That is like a dream, I would have had to slap myself if I had gotten it.  LOL…

I am a bit let down, but I guess I’ll just keep keeping on.

Today there is a lady coming about renting the room of my house, so if that happens it will pay a good amount of the house payment.  That is essentially what I need…as now I break even with my bills.  If I have her, all she pays will be above and beyond my bills.  We will see…

Last night we went to the rock auction at Kenny’s.  It was basically just the normal auction people and hardly any of our rock people.  There were like 4 or so that I saw and that was all.  I guess there were some that I didn’t know though because the rocks ultimately made more than the estimation.

We left and went and got Kyra, so we didn’t stay at the auction long.  That was the night though pretty basic.  I love my life now though, even the most boring things are getting to be more fun.