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I woke up today with the intension of going and doing my Circuit City job.  I woke up though to my stomach itching like mad…remember this bite I went to the doctors for a few weeks ago.  Well, I have had it now for probably a month and half or so.  It is brighter red than it was in this picture back than. 

I also have more poison ivy growing on my leg and forearm.  I have been taking Predisone from my stash of old prescriptions.  Yeah I get poison ivy everytime the wind blows a certain direction.  I sort of expect to have it at least once every summer.  This one has been way off though as this is my 3rd round.

20070730_00109a Anyways, I went to the doctors and got an appointment instead of doing my full Circuit City job.  I left it early and went to the doctors.  I have to go back that means on like Wednesday. (Yeah, I carried my camera with me.  I didn’t lock the car as my battery in my keychain thingy is almost dead.)

I got done there had prescriptions, so I headed over to Target.  I had a list to shop for and while I was shopping they filled my scripts.  I got 3 scripts, one antibiotic for the insect bite.  I already have anti-fungal cream stuff from last appointment.  I got more Predisone…it is going into my stash though and I am using the old stuff.  I also got something I have never gotten before.  Pills that make you stop itching.  They work too.  It is amazing.

Anyways, I finished shopping.  I had a meeting with the insurance than and met Adam there.  We separated our car insurance.  The breakdown is that my insurance is just under $40 a month.  It was $69 jointly, so this isn’t too bad. 

Adam’s is about the same.  I felt bad though he had a speeding ticket 3 years ago and it made it go up by $4.  I had an accident before school was out.  It was non-reportable, so they didn’t even see it.  He also go renters insurance, which I think is something good for him beings that he lives in a complex like he does.

I mostly was happy that I got Kyra though through this meeting.  I felt like I hadn’t seen her in a month.  I hope this goes away, probably after I get driving and am busy all the time.  It will change.

I realized I need to send some more clothes to Adam’s house.  She had on a dress, but it was one from when she was 12 months old.  Yeah…a little short on a 2 year old.  It is more of a shirt now.  She was cute though with her little pull up under there. 

Yeah…she is potty trained at my house.  She isn’t though when she is with her dad.

I got it set up so I go pick her new bed picked up tomorrow, so that will be good. 

Adam came over and got his beloved Dyson vacuum along with some of the stuff I cleaned out for him this weekend. 

We had a discussion about garbage.  He thinks he is going to bring all of his garbage here when he lives in a complex that has free garbage service.  My garbage is over flowing this week, so I told him to keep his trash at his house.  I don’t think he liked this to much, but he can bring junk here occasionally not every week.  Besides…it is just dumb to drag his trash for the whole drive down here.   He isn’t coming and getting Kyra and leaving me trash.  Aaaaahhhhhh! 

Kyra was moody for a few hours after he left.  I told her that Daddy went to his new house.  I think she is starting to get this whole thing as much as she could possibly. 

She straightened up though and we blew bubbles on the back porch for a few hours.  You know how I am with bubbles.  It was fun and perfect for it.  No wind at all.  I need to make sure I buy enough of those to last through the winter.  I just thought of the fact that they probably are hard to find in a few months and we like blowing them in the kitchen.  

20070730_00609p I watched a few CSI episodes from DVR and a couple of Barney episodes.  During the commercials we went outside on the porch and looked at the moon.  It was very pretty tonight.  My camera and huge zoom do it no justice.   Kyra fell asleep in my arms and that was my day.

Well, it is well past midnight.  I should have been in bed hours ago, those CSI shows are addictive aren’t they.  I watched the episode where Stokes is buried and they have to get him out.  It was a two show series one.  That is why it took me so long.

So, good night now.