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Well, it is almost 2 here. I am awake as I can get everytime I lay my head on my pillow my nose just becomes so full of junk it evokes me to blow it and then I may as well not be laying my head on the pillow. I feel like all this blowing will wake Adam and Kyra up as they are both sleeping nicely.

I am running my computer back up, so as I won’t loose any of my pictures of Kyra should something happen to my computer. I don’t consider myself very secure as far as that goes so my backup habits are pretty good to ensure I don’t loose things. It slows me down doing anything though, so I always do it when I am not sleeping or not at my computer. LOL…

I am going to do this contest where the prize is a site redesign. I have to do a review of “the thinking blog” which I generally like. I will give him his own post though. It would be really cool if I won a new design though from a professional as many times as I change my theme. I wonder if one specifically designed for me would have a chance of not being changed out.

This theme that I am using now is GPS Fluid, which is nice. It was designed as a blue theme though and I changed all the colors around to this. I really don’t like blue. I have no idea why, but I don’t like the color. When it comes to webpage colors though blue and black are the most used. I wish pink, orange, purple would take off soon…LOL. I would have a much larger theme collection.

Well, back to reading….