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20071001_02305p I did!  I am exhausted though, so here is the list version of what all I accomplished.

  1. Stan had another sugar crisis, so at 2 am.  I was up and actually called 911 for him this time… it was scary.  I lowered his insulin myself today without doctors call…yes we called the doctors, of course.  They are sucking more and more.
  2. Drove my routes.
  3. Worked a job at Target
  4. Worked a job at Office Max
  5. Worked a job at Walmart
  6. Came home with 40 minutes to spare…amazing.
  7. Sorted out Stan’s medicines and filled his pill boxes for the week.
  8. Drove my routes.
  9. Entered my Target job from earlier.
  10. Caught up on my reading and did some commenting.
  11. Kyra came home.
  12. Played outside with her, but Stephanie did most of the actually involved playing.  I sort of lazied out.
  13. Tom visited..
  14. Skipped Monday Night Football…
  15. Now Blogging…
  16. Going to BED

There is a picture from today…oh yeah.  I took quite a few pictures too.  I got some ready to show you, but I am going to bed instead.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Good Night.