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Yes, you heard it right. I lied. I had dinner plans with a male friend of mine and I told everyone I was going with lady friends. It was so refreshing though to have normal adult conversation, that I can’t lie on here. This means that some of the people I lied to will know I was lying. Aaahhh! You caught me.

Anyways, Adam had Kyra today. That makes the daytime part rather dull. I do always find myself looking over my shoulder waiting for Kyra to come running around the corner even though I know she isn’t there. It is sort of strange that I live like she is there even when she isn’t.

I went to Circuit City and talked to the manager about my displays. I basically went all the way there for nothing as neither of my displays had come in yet. I hope they come this next week as they both look like fun to set.

I went to Kohl’s and bought a new shirt for my dinner tonight. I don’t have anything hardly at all dressy. Well, not I don’t have anything hardly at all. I don’t have anything at all. I am a casual all the way girl. The last time I wore a dressy type shirt was before Kyra was born and I was different sizes. My pants size is down and my shirt size is up…how strange, but true.

Anyways, this lady named Roxanne helped me it was pretty fun as she was a true clothing lover and I tried on more shirts than you can think of and they all looked pretty nice actually. I learned a whole lot about what I like versus what I don’t like. I like V necks and not square or rounded ones…who knew.

I learned why you should try things on first, I never usually do that. I will in the future. I think I avoided some terrible choices by actually testing them out.

I went to PetSmart too. I got some chew things for the dog, he desperately needs them or we won’t have a baby doll left. We got this really big one and Stan bet it would last the weekend. He was wrong, it lasted less than an hour, so next time I go buy chew things, he is buying. LOL…

I did my afternoon routes about 1/2 my kids weren’t on. I guess there is a football game coming to town and as usual my kids are the “in” ones and are planning attendance. That made everything run a little early. I only had one parent not out though and I called her and she met me up at my next intersection to get her little guy.

I came home and seeming walked the dog all the way until it was time to get ready. I had showered and all that during the morning. My hair takes like hours to dry, so I basically changed my clothes is all. I had a few scratches on my face, so I put some concealer on too, but not enough to cover my perpetual blush though.

Oh yeah and I put my contacts in…I haven’t worn them in a long time because they usually end up hurting my eyes. I need to visit the eye doctor…anyways. They didn’t though, so I was good to go.

I did all the things nice, was polite, smiled all that good stuff. I had a small steak. It was very good too. It was nice like I said refreshing to talk and just eat without the distractions of normalness. I ended the night with a hug, we were just going as friends that was clear before we went.

I am going to go as friends with anyone who wants to buy me dinner, I think. Why not, right??

Anyways, I left there and directly went and got Kyra. It is always wonderful when I pick her up, I get the best kisses at this time when I get her.

I didn’t take a single photo today…what is going on with me??

Now it is time for bed, so off I go. Good Night…