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This is a sponsored post!  Don’t worry though, it is a good one.  All true…

I have a Sony R1 which is love except for the fact that is weighs over 2 lbs. and is clumbsy to carry at the same time as a toddler.

I also have a Samsung something, which I got for my birthday this year.  It is a super nice camera as well.  I thought it would be great for short video and times when I couldn’t carry my heavy camera.  It would be too except Kyra slammed it into something and I haven’t got a hold of the Sears Service people.  They don’t cover dropping it, so I don’t know if they will cover this fix.  I don’t think she dropped it though, she was holding the string, but swinging it.  Probably not the best thing to do with a camera I know.

Anyways, I do love my camera for all that this is worth.  Kyra isn’t allowed to touch my big one and she doesn’t even try to now.  She knows…..  I want her to know the fun of photography though, so I won’t ban her from the little one.

Anyways, Ritz has the Sony A100.  I would trade my R1 for that camera tomorrow although not having the LCD to take my pictures from will be hard to get used too.  I wear pretty thick glasses and I am very partial to the LCD because…. I can see it.

I like Nikon too.  I used to have the 5700.  It was a nice camera and sometimes I wish I still had it.  They have the Nikon D80 which is another great SLR that I wouldn’t mind owning.

It is so fun for me to dream about cameras though.  I could talk about them all night.  I am currently trying to stay out of the camera isle at stores though because I can’t afford to upgrade my current camera.  It is a nice camera too, so the sane minded wouldn’t be inclined to want to. 

It is easy to tell you which photo I have ever taken is my favorite.  It is the one in this post of Kyra taking her first step.  That was taken May 23, 2006.  It is ironic too, that this day also is my youngest brothers birthday.

Anyways, go check out Ritz.  They have a piece of your camera dreams too.