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20070707_04012p Woo Hoo!  Nia has been a little down lately.  She e-mailed me a sort of sorry story this morning.  I looked and looked for a cheer me up in her own town.  I didn’t find one…but I got a lot of rude responses.  I suggest Nia move to a nicer town.  LOL…

20070707_00412pAnyways, I couldn’t find the help I wanted to find, so I started searching for where Nia is at.  She had given me her address once, so I could mail her something.  I got looking and it was like 2 hours away.  I was okay with that, not that far away.  I went up asked Stan, you want to take a long ride.  That was all it took and we were off.

20070707_01512p I know Nia doesn’t go to many places, so I knew she would be home. Plus, by the message, I could tell.  The surprise aspect didn’t really bother me too much.

 Oh, I was pleasantly surprised.  She is  the cutest lady…more cute in person than her girly phone voice allows.  She has the biggest prettiest smile.  (See for yourself….LOL)

20070707_01012pWe went to Subway at and went to a park.  It was lovely.  We had to get home again for dinner time, so we only were there like an hour.  It was such a pleasure to meet her though.   I am honored.

It was really nice to do something outside of my normal too.  I need that now and again.