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Well, today is the first time without Kyra for a full day or well she left at about 10:30.  This is my new typical Sunday, maybe not typical.  Adam is going to be going with his dad to church on the typical Sunday before he takes Kyra, so I will have her longer.

I get her back tomorrow.

20070727_02107p So, today….I miss her.  I miss chasing her with my camera, like I do all the time.  This was a few days ago.

I have spent today trying to be totally busy. 

  • I redid my whole theme on here.  I like this one as the columns line up better.  It isn’t 100% yet though.
  • I did my first two loads of laundry.  The first two of 10 years of not doing laundry.
  • I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard to make room for more stuff and to get Adam’s stuff out.
  • I watched TV with Stan.
  • I lined up how I am going to get my bargain bed purchase picked up tomorrow.
  • I cleaned off the kitchen counter.

It has been hard, but I think I did pretty good for my first time of being away from Kyra for more than 5 hours since she was born.  I however am so ready to have her back which in this case isn’t going to be typical either.  I am getting her back about 3, but will be closer to 8 on a typical week. 

We have a meeting with our car insurance issuer tomorrow at 2, so we will both be there separating our policies.

I hope I get used to this separation within a few weeks though.  It does seem like a good day to get house stuff done.

I talked to Adam and they went to the mall and to Andy’s apartment in Reading.  The ate out both times.  They went to Walmart and got groceries though, so maybe tomorrow he will eat at his place. Kyra was watching a DVD on his computer when I talked to him.  He doesn’t have his cable turned on yet, so the computer is all that he has.  He was unpacking stuff.

I am maybe going to go checkout another paid posting.  I am hoping to do enough to be able to update my computer.  I need more RAM as it sometimes freezes when I open to many programs.  I am on a tight budget now though and am not going to use any credit cards basically ever.  I am saving everything extra as I know next summer will be so tight.  I need to save the whole school year starting now.  The extra that I made from my sites is going to be what I use for computer things.