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20071025_00105a This is not just the dog laying on the chair, this is the dog before he woke up this morning.  This is the position he slept in all night.  What a bum…

Today was pretty nice day.  It went by pretty fast which I didn’t expect.  The kids were very crazy on the bus though, I stopped at the church and yelled at the little ones for not sitting in there seats.  I hate doing that.

I didn’t do much of anything otherwise until late.  I have been trying to rent a room in my house so I have some extra money as I am about dead even broke.  Well, today I got it rented.  This man is going to be staying here Monday-Thursday until his house is built.  He is married and will go home to his wife during the weekend days.  I met him and his wife today.  It should work out well. 

This will be until February basically.  I think he is excited about it because I am 10 minutes from his new work.  It is sort of funny because I don’t consider myself near anything, which is part of why I love it here though.  This will give my check book a nice boost though that it needs. 

That was my day though.  Kyra has still been pretending to lock herself in rooms and licking me on occasion.  She has been learning so quick lately, she can say her ABC’s to D which she hasn’t been before.  Yeah, it isn’t that far.  She knows more of it, but doesn’t get the E out yet.  She counts too, but usually starts at 8.  She can go to 15 though.  I think Sesame Street helps a ton with that.  It is such a fun show.  I look forward to spring again when we can go to Sesame Place again..that is so fun.  She will be even more excited next year to, I think.

Anyways, I am going to go to bed early tonight.  I am tired.  Good Night…