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20070912_00512p We were playing around with the auto timer on the camera today and got a couple pretty funny shots.  Here we both sort of have our tongues out.  Oh yeah and our hats, aren’t they cute.  It was 70 out, so sort of chilly…why not wear caps??  LOL..

20070912_00912p Here we are kissing.  This is more of a posed shot though, because we were smashed together like this the full 5 seconds.  LOL…

20070912_04204p Finally the acrobat version of Kyra, she is holding herself up by holding her feet and I am holding all of her up by her calves and slightly swinging her.  She  is loving it and everytime she is put down she is saying READY READY for more.  We are so boring, but this is totally fun.

20070912_01912pLast photo doesn’t really fit in here, but what the heck who doesn’t like a could be last pig photo??  This is my pig (Barbeque) she is 12 years old and isn’t looking so good health wise, so yes those are ribs.  They are not because she isn’t fed though.  They are because she is in her last days and she doesn’t eat.  She has weighed probably twice this much the majority of her life.  She hasn’t eaten what I fed her for 2 days now.

Anyways…that was my day.  It was a fun day.  I am honestly going to bed now.  It is way way past my bed time.