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Yeah, I survived today.  It really wasn’t that bad, but I am dead tired.  I did my routes this morning without a hitch.  I didn’t get lost and the kids are like zombie’s on the first day.  The real kids will emerge tomorrow.  I still had a behavior chat with a middle school student and had to keep telling my new kindergartner’s to sit down.  It seems I got a talkative bunch of them and they all know each other already which is pretty cool.

The new school bus loops seemed to be more hectic almost than helpful.  We have this new giant loop at the one school, every bus that loads at that school can fit in the loop but we are only loading 3 or 4 busses at a time.  We may as well have kept our small loop at least it seemed productive.  Hopefully we will be able to do this more efficiently as the next few weeks go on.  I don’t know as my boss is so hopeful though as he now has us all going to the other more organized school first.  LOL… It make sense though for the turn issues too as we won’t have to cross traffic either.

20070826_04111a I got home from my routes though and that is when my real fun started.  I had taken these extra assignments auditing BP stations because I didn’t think school started til Wednesday.  That made me extra busy.  I immediately left and did my two audits that I said I would do today.  I also did my normal Sears job.  I had hoped to get my Circuit City job done too.  I had an appointment to get my bus physical at 11 though.  I didn’t get my Circuit City done though because I was at the doctors for 2 hours.

My appointment consisted of reading and eye chart, testing my pee for sugar level, and squatting for the doctor.  This took 2 hours.  I sat in the waiting room even with an appointment for that long.  I was very disappointed.  Thank goodness I only have to do that once a year.  Next year…I will be more prepared and do it slightly before school starts, like in July.

I did my afternoon route.  Everything went fine except I got an extra child that wasn’t supposed to be on the bus.  She was supposed to stay at the after school program, so it was no harm done really.  I took her back to school when I was done with my route, but that took an extra 40 minutes.  It is still unclear who made the mistake with that.  Oh well though.

I got home, ate real quick and off we went.  I took Stan this trip.  I went to Circuit City, did that job.  Stan went shopping in Target while I worked.  I then went toward where Adam lives and did another job at Office Max.  I called Adam and had him meet me there with Kyra to save him some gas.  It worked out real good.  I got his car seat from him too, so I won’t have to move it daily from the bus to the car.  I only have to give him one when I take Kyra to him.

20070827_02607p We got home, basically my first time today.  It was past 8 pm.  We went out to the goats and look at the little guy that was out there.  He has been there a couple days now, but I have been trying to deny him to myself in my brain.  I feed cats out there though, so he wasn’t starving there.  I took him to the neighbors to see if he belonged to them.  A few of my other cats originally belonged to them.  They assured me he wasn’t their’s though, so I got him some milk and let Kyra hold him a bit.  We took him back out to the barn though for the night.  I don’t really want another inside cat.

I came back in and have been entering all my jobs of today.  It is quite a mission all these different jobs.  I am not done, but have til Friday on some of them to get them entered.  I’ll do it sometime later I guess.

Kyra is having an awake attack.  She is still awake now and it is almost 11 or an hour past my new bedtime.  She will learn tomorrow that sleep is good when I get her little butt up with me at 6.

So that was my crazy day.  I have a couple of other interesting news stories to write about, but I am going to bed instead.  Tomorrow should be slightly less full, but we have our last diabetic training class which is an extra hour long. Good Night…