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So my brother came to town.  We had these great plans to got to Sesame Place and we went.  It was so much fun.  Kyra and Haley are so absolutely cute and they were dressed all alike.  It was double cute.  We got pictures with a water film camera, so they aren’t developed yet.  I’ll share when I get them though.

Anyways, we saw all the Sesame Street characters, I was feeling bad for how hot they must be in those furry costumes out in the 90 plus degree heat.

We went in Lazy River.  We played in this water splashing thing, where water was going everywhere.  Kyra hates splashing water.  We went on a kids water slide.  Haley was going wild on that.  She loved it.  We rode in the flying fish ride.  We mostly stood in line though even though the lines weren’t horribly long, to me it just seemed long.

I did pretty good until the end and was having so much fun.  We went into this theatre to watch Elmo’s World Live where the Elmo character came in and pretended to put on a live show.  It was a really good show and Kyra loved it.

Wow! was it loud.  I was soaked because this is a water park and had been in the pool and stuff.  The AC was on super high, so I could feel the cold coming over me.  As soon as it was over it was back out to the heat, so I went from freezing to burning up in a split second.  I thought I was going to pass out.  We were on our way home though, so to the changing rooms we went.  I had gotten my shorts soaked and so I didn’t have any changing to do.  Missy and Jason changed I watched the girls we got out stuff out of the locker we rented.  We than had the track to the car….aaaahhhhh!  I kept walking and walking.  I thought I was going to pass over.  Kyra wouldn’t ride in the wagon, she insisted on being carried.  I didn’t pass over, I made it to the car.  I puked on my feet beside the door of the car though….blah.  I slept most of the way home and felt better when we got back.

We left at about 9 am and we got back at about 7 pm, so it was a pretty good day.  I really do suck at Amusement Parks though, this is the 3rd one I have threw up at in the parking lot.  I should avoid them for the most part or go on cold days.