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I did it best I could.  It is so hard, honestly. 

20070708_00206p Adam did all the work although he never shuts up, which is sort of disturbing.  He just feeds them things to turn around and say negative about us or his family members.  I am over that though, I don’t care anymore about who talks about who. 

I don’t know how he does it though.  Well, I guess I do.  He doesn’t have as strong of feelings as I do.  He is actually a nice guy underneath everything and that is all the way to the core of his being.  I on the other hand am the child of my parents and sometimes it is hard for me to not be angry.

So, my mom has gained a ton of weight and my dad has lost weight on his already very thin frame.  My mom has gigantic false teeth now, her real teeth were very small and sat back in her mouth more.  I am so not used to seeing her or him this way.  They both looked healthy though, so that is good.  I didn’t take any photos of them.

Anyways, I didn’t look at them very much.  Everytime I looked, I could hear the last “fight” words mom said to me while dad listened and said nothing.  Those words were “I should have killed you when I had a chance!”.  These words were ringing in my head for this visit.  I don’t know how to make them go away and I don’t honestly think they ever will.

So, they played with Kyra and talked to Adam.  I sat next to them while doing this a very short amount of time.  They gravitated to outside….95 degree out.  It isn’t hard to get me to go indoors here at all in this temperatures. 

20070708_01306p Here is Kyra on the horse shaped swing they got her for her birthday.  It is actually pretty cute.

They stayed here from like 11:30 until like 2:30.  I survived.

Oh, funny stuff though.  They told Adam that he is supposed to deliver Kyra to visit them.  I am laughing.  They told him they were getting a lawyer because I am stopping them from seeing her.  This is a huge joke…. I have never kept them from seeing Kyra, but I also don’t think that it would be  illegal either, so what are they going to get from this lawyer besides a nice bill.  They already can visit her….didn’t I prove that portion today??