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Kyra has big dreams which is wonderful.  She wants to be a farmer mostly, so she can have sheep and chickens and cows.  Today though we drove past a backhoe, like we sometimes do.  She says “Mommy, I want to do that, move that dirt.”  So I tell her that those people are excavators and when she grows up she could be an excavator if she wanted to be one.

We go probably 10 more minutes down the road.  There is another backhoe and this time she proclaims so excited that she wants to be an excavator.

So, I have a future excavator here.

She went to bed early tonight.  She went to the Explorer Museum for Kids today and didn’t take a nap.  She was a complete grump from the time I got her until she was in bed.  I didn’t get to play any fun games with her or anything.  I hate this.

My work is going good.  I am busy, but it is sort of good.  The day went pretty fast today.  I have been neglecting my site, so I am told.  I don’t see a break in sight.  I really do want to tell everyone about EFF as well.  The man that is in charge of that periodically e-mails me with a hey what are you waiting for type e-mail.  I think he will give up on me soon right when I get to doing it. 

How long does this transition officially take??  How long does it take a stay at home mom to accommodate working hours?  I wasn’t exactly stay at home, but it sure does seem like I was now looking back. 

My excavator is growing and I am not seeing it.  Does that happen even when  you are watching close as I used too?  I sort of think it does, but sometimes wonder now.