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I love taking pictures and I love my Kyra and the two seems to blend together so easily.  I took 215 pictures today.  Yeah, a little crazy.  I cut it down to having 9 to show you…aren’t you glad?  You could be here all night looking at the same pictures over and over…..ahhhh.

This first one is a sad looking one, but it really isn’t to sad in reality.  Kyra is scared when the baby goat, “baa’s” and I am Finley’s new mom, so he makes noises almost constantly while he is around me.  So Kyra didn’t fall or anything, she is crying about a 5 lb little goat wanting to be close to me.  LOL…

This next picture was taken at the same time.  This is Finley while Kyra is crying.  It is also to show you how well he is doing…see that crack in the hay and the wall.  He fits through that to get to any location in the barn.  He is now waiting for me by the door when I go out with his bottle.  He was very cheery today.  I am so proud of how well he is doing.

Here is another picture of Kyra and Finley…this time she isn’t crying.   She is really good with him when he is quiet. She is so cute petting him on top of that, it is just adorable.

Here is Misty with Caramel nursing.This is what we want to see.  I am so amazed with Misty and how well she is doing as a mother.  This is her first time being a mother.

Here is the twins playing around.  This is Bullet in front here. He is only slightly bigger than his sister right now.  Which is not usually the case with baby goats.  Usually the males get quite a bit bigger than the females while they are young.  I think testosterone makes them grow like mad.

Our cat just looks so cute sitting on the desk today. I was working and about getting ready to leave for my bus route when I took this picture.  Her eyes turned out so cool.  She is such a pretty kitty. 

Here is one of Kyra close.  She is so cute in the face lately, more so than when she was younger I think.  She is getting such a nice face.  I hope she keeps maturing so wonderfully.  I think she has a lot of Adam’s features in her face, but my big nostrils.  The overall shape of her face is definitely like Adam.

Today was a good day in general.  I was so tired that I took a nap for part of the time I should have been working.  I am also wanting to go to bed early, but I won’t be.  I have to go feed Finley his last food for the night, so that will put me right on time with posting this, feeding him, taking out contacts, brushing teeth and going to bed.  I should sleep really well tonight though.  Everyone that is left is doing great.

 Last but not least is yet another couple doll pictures.  We are loving these dolls.  I still can’t get over that Wal*mart calls this purple doll “newborn”… It is like the biggest doll ever.  It is almost as big as Kyra.  Everytime she is dragging it around here. I keep thinking that isn’t newborn.  Why do I do that…it is so stupid, but why would they name a huge doll newborn. Isn’t it stupid?  LOL…

Ok, so here goes.  I hope all the pictures line up in your browser and you can read it all.  I don’t like posting this many pictures all in one post….next time this happens with my camera.  I will break it down to several posts.  Night…