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Here are photo’s from my brother’s house.  We decided to stay there this time going up north, as you can see from my previous posts.  I used his computer to post that one.  I have a lot of pictures from being at his house, so I will post multiple postings.

20070624_07908a20070624_07608a Here is the one with the girls and the dolls.  I can’t decide with one is the cutest, so I post a couple of these.

20070624_08308a Here the girls are kissing each other.  They are both little kisser’s.  LOL…

These were taken the night before we went to bed.  I was so tired.  Kyra went to bed so easy too, so she must have been exhausted.  She was dancing and shaking, and crawling, and running all over that wedding reception.  I was tired from watching her.  I did the dollar dance, but that was all.  I am a terrible dancer and without a huge crowd to conceal me…I am too shy.