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I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk.  I’ve been thinking of coming back into it.  Mr. Paul O’flaherty sort of helped kick me on Facebook, so here I am.  My last post was October and I’m not even going to begin to inform you of all the fun stuff I’ve done since then.  I’m just going to start with today.  Today is as good as any day.

I don’t have Kyra this evening, so because of my new immergence.  I have now done 4 upgrades to my site, even though I know it probably doesn’t look different as it was on the outside.  I’ve been out long enough that it looks very different under the hood here.   I’ve also changed computers while I was gone…remember when Circuit City went out of business.  I was in line there to get a new computer and succeeded.  That means a lot of my passwords are on my other computer and I don’t remember them.

Easy enough though…my old computer is on other side of room, but it is sort of annoying jogging across for one little password.  They are there though.

I was at work today though.  It was a great day in insurance.  I remember last year July 5th was the day that I sold the most policies in one day since I’ve started in this work.  This year today was quite the opposite. I sold none. I wasn’t bored though in the least.  I did about 7 quotes today, so maybe Monday will be overbooked like last year’s day after the 4th.

I didn’t have any angry or even upset customers today.  I had some of my normal customers that I think nobody ever talks to.  I have customers come in just to talk.  It is sort of bizarre to me as I try to work, but I also usually enjoy these customers too.  They tend to have the best jokes and sayings.  I think they steal them from the other offices where they just go to talk as well.

I’m sort of on a diet to loose a grand total of 10 lbs.  Yeah, I know it isn’t much and I know that a ton of people don’t see me as over weight until I say…hey I weigh 160.  That seems big for a girl doesn’t it??  Nobody ever would guess my weight right, but I’m trying.  I however have failed myself today.  I ate 6 cookies for super out of shear laziness.  Yeah, I only ate cookies….I drank iced tea and ate cookies.

Anyways…I’ll be on again.  I’m going to try again to blog and walk on my treadmill daily. This will probably involve cutting out a movie or two a week for the time.  It will probably be at random times of the day as well because I’m on computers all the time now basically.  My life revolves around computers, that hasn’t changed nor will it anytime soon. 

Happy Fourth of July…