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This is the November Mamablogger Group Writing Project.  I try to participate in it each month and you can too.  Anyways, this month we are supposed to write about why we are grateful for our children.

This is all to easy a topic.  I am grateful for Kyra because she has made me realize that I am my own person more than anyone else ever has.  She has separated me from my parents and made me independent more so than I ever was prior. She has taught me about me.  She has taught me some of my strengths, but also that I am a sucker for a big pout lip as well. 

She has taught me to look at the little things with a whole new appreciation.  Yes, now I think drawing circles is a huge deal.  I at one point thought the ability to roll over was the highlight of life.

I have found that my life is more fulfilling since having her.  I enjoy the normal even more than I had prior and I would have never ever ever believed this about life if I had not had her.

The process of having her also taught me a lot.  I had a home birth with her and just the whole experience was very life enhancing.  My weakness and fear of the hospitals made others think I am strong which is very bizarre.  I had a home birth out of fear and not because I was being brave or any of those almost heroic other words people use. 

The thing I most didn’t want was an IV put in my arm which they do standard in the hospitals around here for maternity.  IV’s from my memory have hurt worse than any amount of labor pain that I experienced. 

They also allow anyone and everyone down in the nether area while the mom is experiencing all this pain.  I was thinking not a chance, so I ensured that I had privacy, peace, and the ability to relax during this time.  I think all this relaxing and privacy made my experience better.

So, it was Kyra that taught me that sometimes a weakness can be a strength as well.  I think I only saw weakness in my life prior to her.

So over all I think Kyra has taught me and has been more beneficial to me than I have been to her and all the while she has been doing it ever so cutely and without knowing anything about the good she was causing.