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Today was pretty eventful, but I am not going to tell all the details yet.  LOL… I don’t think I have ever really on purpose held something back from my site before, so this is the first.

20070622_01605p The funniest thing is that tomorrow Adam starts his “liquid” diet.  We went and bought all sorts of vegetables to puree for his diet.  He got this mixtures of powder and junk too.  He isn’t going to eat anything for the next 21 days starting tomorrow.  He will feel better because of this he says.  I have to laugh, I am sorry to all the supporters of this.  I think that it is impossible to starve yourself into feeling better though. 

Anyways, that is my life for the next 21 days.  I get to help boil Kale and mash it in the blender for Adam’s chewless dinner.

Here is the photo of him enjoying spaghetti (his favorite) for the last time.  I know….you will probably never think of spaghetti the same again, sorry for that.  Blah…

I am off to bed.  Good Night..