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Well, the inspections of our cars. It is always a joyous time of year. We made it through with only me needing new brakes, like usual. I do go hard on my brakes. My seat belt was also finally fixed, so now I can have 3 passengers. Adam’s was done too. He basically needed nothing, but stickers on his windows.

I now have 129 photos in my Big Stock Photo collection. I can’t believe it already. I remember when the first one was accepted, that was a great day. Now I have a page full of ones that have been downloaded at least once. I need to get more pictures of people on there. The whole sign the release thing though is a pain and I am too shy to ask people to sign them. I don’t know a good approach as if it were me being asked and there is slight profit being made. I would want a cut and I feel like the people in my pictures should get a cut, but hey…I have been doing this for a little over a year and made $18.00, so how much can the cut be?? Granted…I work on actual stock pictures quite a little amount of time. It is pretty fun too, so to have made anything is great to me.

Here is my latest one of baby stuff. I need to get Dora the Explorer off the pull ups, but after that it should be good. I like taking product pictures over black. They seem sharper to me, but designers seem to like white better. I am getting better though the more I do it.

Tomorrow is the big wedding day for pictures, I think I am ready.

We also had the annual garage sale at Tom’s today. His whole housing development has the sales on the same day. There were a total of 10 sales there today. I didn’t put anything in it this year though because with all the stuff around my granpa’s passing. I didn’t really have time to get my things together. Next year I hope to have lots of stuff.

Well, that is today. I am on my way to cook at the Trindle. Night….